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Software. Out of the box & bespoke developments

OneTek help you find and implement a software solution to fulfill your business needs, if you need add-ons that don’t exist, we can write them.

Partnering with some of the biggest names in computing OneTek provide a solution to any problem at great prices.

No longer do you need to feel limited by the imagination of your software vendor, by understanding your business requirements and possesing a vast knowledge of the IT tools at our disposal OneTek can design and build totally unique solutions to give you the edge over the competition whilst also keeping your running cost down.

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Mobile Apps

With the increasing speed mobile technology is shrinking the gap between home/office and mobile computing, OneTek are able to bring the functionality of your normally office bound software to your mobile devices. Gone are the days that you need a vast array of handheld devices and laptops to interact with your company, do it on the same phone you take home everyday.