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Broadband. Traditional ADSL or the latest in WIFI delivered broadband

Reliable and fast internet connection, essential to any business.

A stable, fast internet connection is critical to any business. Carrying your companies email and often orders, you need a provider you can rely on. OneTek provide a variety of connectivity options meaning there’s always a solution no matter how fast you need to transfer or how remote your office is.

OneTek’s Wireless Network

OneTek have rolled out Wireless Internet provision in multiple areas allowing customer within out catchment zones to benefit from un-paralleled broadband speeds, currently up to 100Mb with plans to roll out 300Mb speeds in the near future. This service is unlike many others in that it does not rely on the old copper network or even the new fibre network but is instead delivered wirelessley. This ensures the fastest speeds, whilst also greatly reducing installation costs, meaning ultimately your only paying for the bandwidth.
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Wireless Packages